Véhicule Magazine: Dakis Joannou's Mega Yacht 'Guilty' by Jeff Koons and Ivana Porfiri

Dakis Joannou's mega yacht 'Guilty' by Jeff Koons and Ivana Porfiri has been called "an act of calculated irreverence"—an apt characterization to say the least.

Jeff Koons Guilty Yacht

There are no ifs, ands or buts about it—'Guilty' is a floating artwork. This isn't a mistake either. Greek-Cypriot industrialist is no stranger to the art world or its alleged excesses. In fact, as a super-collector, he's more familiar with it than you and I may ever be. And the name of his boat owns up to that fact. 

Dakis Joannou  Ivana Porfiri

Docked in Athens' Piraeus Port and measuring 115 feet long, this water-bound statement of pure luxury and its Jeff Koons-designed yellow, pink and blue color scheme instantly brings to mind the bold aesthetics of 1950s Pop art or op art. In reality, 'Guilty' goes back even further. Back to World War I, in fact, and the optically mind-bending strategy of dazzle camouflage. The idea back then was to hide in plain sight. Whether this homage is really trying to hide itself is up for debate.

Dakis Joannou Guilty YachtVéhicule sits down with the mastermind behind it all—yacht designer Ivana Porfiri.

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